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Main Agricultural Products of AOMORI

Aomori is surrounded by the ocean on three sides, is rich with green nature, and has four beautiful distinct seasons. It is blessed with abundant nature and delightful water. Aomori is one of the foremost agricultural prefectures nationwide. In particular, the prefecture boasts the highest production of apples, Nagaimo(Japanese Yam) , garlic and burdock root in Japan.

Aomori Apple Information

The Main Types of Apples in Aomori (PDF:719k)
We can export you all kinds of Aomori apples for example big type's apple Sekaiichi (the meaning is number 1 in all over the world), Mutsu (the name is the old land's name of the area mainly Aomori) , Fuji (the name is from Mt.Fuji) and Yellow apples (such as Orin and Kinsei ) .
The Production and Safety of Aomori Apples (PDF:499k)
Consumers around the world put a higher premium on health and safety factors. For producers, this means using less chemical fertilizers and more organic ones. Aomori apples are more attractive to consumers, such as safety, taste and appearance. All of this is the result of superior quality control. In addition, good flavor is a given, but growers spare no efforts to produce apples that have a perfect shape. Aomori apples can be exported with confidence anywhere in the world, because they're the absolute best in flavor, aroma, and appearance.

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Nagaimo (Japanese Yam) Information

About Aomori Nagaimo
Aomori prefecture is actually the largest producer of the nagaimo in Japan. Nagaimo has been used as a tonic vegetable since ancient times and provide high levels of Vitamins C and B1.
Best Nagaimo Recipes
Key to cooking nagaimo: Too much heat can reduce the activities of the digestive enzyme amylase. This is why it is said that you should use as little heat as possible to cook nagaimo.

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Japanese Food and Culture

          Delicious and healthy Japanese food are getting popular around the world.        

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Department Of Agriculture Forestry And Fisheries

Aomori Prefectural Government JAPAN

(The Organization for the Promotion of Product Exportation)
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